Summer Calendar 2018: Let Love Lead

We are gearing up for another awesome summer here at Katy’s First! We have two amazing interns who are ready to invest in the lives of our students. We have lots of great activities and times in the Word to catalyze relationships and challenge growth. It all starts here! We don’t want you to miss a moment of the action so here is our summer calendar- the road map to fun and fellowship over the next three months.

BYOL= Bring Your Own Lunch! BYOL is an excuse to get together, hear some teaching and have some fun. Most Mondays we gather at noon, eat whatever lunch you brought with you, hear some teaching, and do something really fun that you enjoy being with. Usually we finish at 2pm.

Summer Midweek: The Summer version of Midweek is less structured than its’ school year counterpart. It’s usually involves some teaching on our summer theme, but not all the time, and then involves some really crazy event or activity meant to help bond students from five public schools, a private school, a charter school and homeschoolers into a group that loves each other and enjoys being together. Let’s do this!

If you have any questions about our summer schedule please don’t hesitate to email or call Jon Hicks! ( / 281-391-1100)

Summer 2017 Events Calendar

Our Summer 2017 Calendar is Here!

Link to this page for all the Summer Students at First activities- or grab a paper copy for the fridge from the cafe. Our incoming 7th graders are welcome to attend any and all of our student events for the summer (with the exception of Mission 58 Camp). Hope you will join us when you can this summer to enjoy times of service, refreshing and fun.

If you have any questions about events- please contact student minister Jon Hicks at and sign up for our REMIND messaging system to get up to the minute reminders and updates. (text @fsmstu to 81010).

Soul Detox Devotions








Over the last three weeks our students and I have been asking ourselves how we have been slowly poisoned by sin and weighed down by worldly living. This week we challenged students to hit control+alt+delete on these things and restart their spiritual lives before the summer and its full slate of spiritual growth opportunities. We want students to be ready to accept and obey all that God has called them to this summer and this process begins with “detox.”

The link below will access a seven day devotional designed to help students reconnect with God’s Word, take out any trash they have been harboring during the school year, practice regular repentance and rejoice in what God is doing in their lives, and recognize how he is using other people to impact them.

If you are a student we know this is a challenge. Fasting from social media, and limiting TV and video games will be tough. But if we are only continuing to add to the trash in our lives while also taking it out- we aren’t accomplishing much. Give it a shot. See what God will do.

If you are a parent- why not get the whole family involved? Use the truths here to teach your younger children. Support you student by fasting from social media and limiting your tv time. Print your own detox devotions so you can share what God is teaching you around the dinner table.

It’s our prayer that this tool be used to draw you nearer to the one in whom we live and move and have our being. To reconnect to the God of angel armies, who although he holds the heavens in the palm of His hand, hear each of His children’s calls and cries. To Him be the Glory.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis / 6 Week Study for Students






6 Sundays / 4pm-5:30pm / FBC CAFE / Beginning March 19th

In an interesting, visually engaging, and thought provoking manner this study will prepare   students for the barrage of unsubstantiated arguments which our culture will use to attack and shame students who hold  a Biblical worldview of creation. I want to encourage you to do   everything you can to make this a priority in your students’ schedule during the dates of this study.

As theologians and researchers continue to study the growing number of students leaving the their faith after high school, we are increasingly finding that students who have a strong Biblical creation worldview have used it as a foundation to build a strong belief in the reliability of all of God’s Word, and were more confident in defending and retaining their faith in God and their trust in Christ after high school. It’s that important.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis is a 12 week video study created by The Institute for    Creation Research in Dallas, TX. We will be looking at the first 6 sessions in the study this Spring and the next 6 session in the Fall of 2017. Topics during this 6 week study are: Chaos or Cosmos?, What is Life?, What is Man?, Buried Clues, Flood or Fiction?, and How Old is Earth?

We will meet on Sunday afternoons in the Cafe from 4pm-5:30pm beginning March 19th and ending April 30th. We will not meet on Easter Sunday night.


Winter Jam Concert / 2017







Winter Jam Concert Night @ Toyota Center / Friday, March 3rd / $10 Pay At The Door

What do Crowder, Britt Nicole, Tenth Ave. North, Andy Mineo, Sadie Robertson, Colton Dixon, Thousand Foot Crutch, Newsong, and Tony Nolan all have in common?

They’re going to be at the Winter Jam Concert 2017! And we’ll be there too.

Meet at church @ 4pm on Friday, March 3rd, and bring some dinner with you. We’ll head down to Toyota Center together. Doors open for Winter Jam at 6pm- you bring $10 cash money and drop it in the bucket when you go in.  Then we go pick pretty much whatever seats we want and enjoy 10 great bands! For just $10.

Please sign up at Midweek or in your Sunday morning Life Group OR email Jon Hicks at so we can make sure we have enough spots in cars!

PS: During the concert they will ask for another “donation” to help keep Winter Jam going. Please don’t feel like you have to give. If you want to bring a couple extra bucks for that, great- if not, don’t sweat it.

There will also be merchandise from every band there and some people like to buy tshirts, CDs, or other momentos, which are, of course, extra.